So here we are folks!

A Blog that allows us all to talk about Games Consoles, Games and all the latest news about what Hot and what not within the Gaming industry.

If you fancy talking about ‘Back in the day’ games like Space Invaders or what the next Zelda game will be called then be my guest.

If you fancy talking about the old school consoles or the current crop out there or the up and coming new possibilities like the XBox 720 then be my guest.

  1. Howard says:

    I was missing the side-view Super Mario. I’m glad they brought it back with the new Wii version. I still need to snag me a copy.

  2. Avatar Games says:

    Those 2-d Super Mario games were fantastic.
    DO you remember the small Donkey Kong game in the pocket LCD format. All you had to do was jump over the incoming barrells and climb the ladder….Classic

  3. Howard says:

    Yeah, those were so easy, but so fun.

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